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Calgary Home Builders is a residential construction company.

We focuses on building

Our marketplace needs to solve the gamers virtuality life and making it a reality.

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We focus on building simple, quality homes using Insulated Concrete Forms in Calgary, the foothills and mountains surrounding Calgary.

Put down the computer and build it!

We Are Committed To Providing The Best Quality Of Service

Company Vision and Purpose

Our company is constantly evolving and growing to build your dream home. We provide a wide range of services. Our mission statement is we create long lasting communities that our customers can be proud to call home by building and selling innovative and quality homes through a partnership with professional local sub-trades and land developers.


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We Have A Reputation for Excellence

Our prototype is a humble castle but hosts great after hour parties that include games like live chess, Practice battles with shields. There is plenty of space provided to store the owner’s Viking gear collection.

We Build the best quality

The living space is on the west side of the house and provides ample storage and ambient lighting from the many windows.The flow of energy, warmth, and simplicity unites and comforts all visitors.

Guided by Commitment

This house is a reminder that the dreams of your own custom home can be a reality to the people and the community it is in, versus the drab, boring, repetitive milk box housing that fills most housing communities now.

Building Castle Construction will be the growing Contractor of residential choice for consumer buildings homes known as ‘‘Castles’’. Energy Savings will be our primary push for our northly climate. Building Castle buildings show cost–effective and sustainable building methods, we focus on conservation of fossil fuels, water and other natural resources, reducing solid waste, and improving indoor heating retention. 

A Team of Professionals

This driver measures private spending on home improvements, upgrades and repairs. It includes dwellings of all types, including singles, doubles, row houses and apartments. 


The outlook for the residential renovation expenditures is positive and normalizing of the housing market is expected to preclude faster growth. Expenditures are forecast to grow 2.4% per year on average over the next five years.

Expenditures on home renovations include additions, alterations, upgrades and equipment installations made to homes in order to increase their value. One of the more significant factors impacting residential renovation expenditures has been government investment in the housing market. Recently, spending levels for residential renovation projects have grown steadily, at slower than other rates. As a result of the economic downturn, homeownership rates and home prices dramatically declined as the unemployment level rose. In 2009, the national unemployment rate increased from 6.1% to 8.3% of the population. In effect, numerous individuals cut back home renovation investments as homeowners became more cautious about their spending; many homeowners lost their jobs and went underwater on their existing mortgages, thus saturating the housing market with short sales and foreclosures.

Project Handover

Full-time Salaried

Million Revenue

Countries Experience

What We Do


We can build your design from plas that you have


Organize the trades for each step of your build


Our team will meet with you to discuss options & resolutions to issues that arrise

General contractor

Hired if you need help with your build


We have engineers & designers to draw from for this process


We have joined with many to make this a smooth process

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8031 24 Street South East.
Calgary, Alberta T2C0Z4


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You will find the latest information about us on this page. Our company is constantly evolving and growing. We provide wide range of services. Our mission is to provide best solution that helps everyone. If you want to contact us, please fill the contact form on our website.


We work 7 days a week, every day excluding major holidays. Contact us if you have an emergency, with our Hotline and Contact form.


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